October 15th - Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day (1)


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Our Story

This site was created in memory of our son, Micah. Please do not take any ideas or images off this website. We work hard to make it a special tribute to our son.

www.inmemoryofmicahcorrinking.com   Est. July 2007

"If tears could build a stairway,and memories a lane,  Id walk right up to heaven and bring you home again."


It was June 29th, 2007. . . The day we had a routine weekly prenatal appointment. By the time we had this appointment, Micah was past due. Micah's due date was June 25th, 2007. We figured that this would be the last doctors appointment and they would induce me anytime now. We were starting to get so anxious to have him. After all, we did wait so long for this day. When the doctor came in the room that day, I explained how I really thought I was leaking amniotic fluid. I was 100% sure that it was not urine. I knew for sure it was amniotic fluid because of researching it. It had a sweet odor where as urine has a distinct smell of ammonia. The fluid was also clear. So, they did a test of the fluid to see what it was. They took the results out of the room. As I sat on the table I was leaking fluid and we had to rip off the paper I was sitting on. When they came back, they said its urine. I told them so many times that it was amniotic fluid. Since I never saw the test results, I will never know if they even did the test, or if it was actually amniotic fluid I was leaking. The doctor did an internal exam and said that I was effaced but, not dilated. So, the doctor decided to send me to the hospital to have an ultrasound done to make sure everything looked ok with our baby. I was starting to get really excited hoping I would be at the hospital and stay there until our beautiful boy was born. When I got there, they hooked me up to monitors to monitor the fetal heart rate and my contractions. The doctor on call that day named Roseann J. Freundel who was a resident, said everything looks fine. The doctor/resident also complained how tired she was and how it was a long night. She also sat and was almost laying on the bed that I was getting my sonogram done on. We did not appreciate that at all. I thought every time I had a contraction his heart rate looked abnormal to me. I asked the doctor/resident on call that day why she couldn't induce me. She said the best she could do was give me an induction day of July 9th and to call at 7:30am to see if they had any room that morning for me. She also told me that my baby would start to slow down and he would not being moving as much since he was in the birth canal. I will never ever forget that doctors face. I was so mad that I wasn't treated as an individual. I was just treated like just another pregnant woman walking through the doors. I thought it would be good for them to induce me since I had a past history of a miscarriage with twins, I was in pain with major cramps and Micah was getting so big anyway, why not induce me? She didn't seem to care. She kept telling me to drink plenty of fluid, walk, and have sex. What kind of doctor was she? She also kept rambling on about how the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists(ACOG) says it is ok to let a pregnant person go two weeks past due. She was going by a book. Every single person is different in their own way. Being past due and leaking fluid should have been enough of an indication to keep me and induce me. Why was I sent home? Why did our baby have to die?


The following day, June 30th, 2007, I had another crampy day. My family and I decided to go to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland to walk around and enjoy the weekend. After all, the doctor told me to walk. We walked and I made sure I drank plenty of fluids. Towards the afternoon my baby wasn't moving as much as he usually did. The doctors told me that would be normal because he would be moving down into the birth canal. So, I thought nothing of it. I remember as we were leaving a couple came up to me and said "You are the most beautiful pregnant person we have ever seen.". I must have had a beautiful glow around me because little did I know Micah had already left us to go home to Heaven. As the sun started to set and the bright orange full moon came out, we headed up the road to go home. In the car, my cramps got so bad. I couldn't even sit down I hurt so bad and my baby stopped moving completely. Corey and I kept moving my belly to get him to kick back like he always did. We did this the entire hour drive back. Still no response. I started to feel real sick like something was wrong. We timed each contraction I was having which was about every 5 minutes. My Mom called the hospital to let them know I would be in. As soon as we got to the hospital, I told them who I was and explained what was wrong. They were very rude and told us to go sit in the waiting room until someone called us back. About 20-30 minutes of waiting, I put a hospital gown on so they could hook me up to the fetal heart monitor. The nurse placed the monitor on my stomach and seemed to start to panic. She left the room to get the doctor on call that night. The doctor couldn't even find my baby's heartbeat. So, everyone in the room hurried up and started getting the ultrasound ready to see what could be seen. As soon as they had him up on the screen, I was looking right at him, seeing him lay there and and his heart which wasn't beating. His valves weren't moving and the doctors and nurses just looked at each other and I started to cry and scream. They said "Your baby is dead and there is very little fluid." They said it rude just like that. I screamed and Corey and I told them how it was a bunch of sh*t. We were just here yesterday. The doctor on call yesterday sent me home like she didn't even care. That night was the night we lost part of us. I felt like my heart melted and was stabbed with a knife a million times. I just couldn't wait for my parents and Corey's parents to be there with us through this horrible nightmare. We needed them for support. It was a long night at the hospital. They asked if I wanted to come back tomorrow to be induced. Tomorrow? No he is already dead, they needed to get him out so we could lay him to rest. And they were still putting off inducing me. What was wrong with York Hospital? I did not have a good experience at all. The nurses and doctors were rude. We asked for my medical records (which I am entitled to) and they would not give them to me. They said to "Turn the book over" which basically meant to turn the phonebook over and you will see a number for an attorney. The entire experience was just wrong. The treatment was horrible. No parent should ever have to experience anything like that when their baby is being born. It is supposed to be a happy time.


July 1st, 2007, a beautiful baby boy was born at 12:56pm, weighing 8lbs 7.9oz and 20.5in long. Micah was born at York Hospital in York, PA. Our baby was an angel. His heart was always so strong at every appointment (around 160BPM), nothing was wrong with the umbilical cord or placenta, and my baby was healthy. What makes this situation worse is the way I was treated and how everything was perfectly fine up until the end. There was way to much medical malpractice and now I will find it hard to trust any doctor. This should not happen to a baby that was healthy and perfect in every way. So many family and friends came to the hospital just to see Micah. Micah made such a difference. He made so many people happy, he brought so many people together, he brought so much love into our family. This was our first son.. We miss Micah and we will meet again.


I hope the doctor/resident that we feel killed our son reads this. I hope she can see what she has caused. I know her name and her face and I will let the world know what she did. Our son should be here. Our son died less than 24 hours from when Roseann J. Freundel (resident/DO) sent us home. It is scary to think that you can't put your trust in any doctors or residents. I want her to know what she took from us. I want her to know what it feels like to hear that your baby is dead and now you have to deliver him knowing you wont get to take him home.  We have an empty nursery and a broken heart and we miss him so much.


Here are our L&D O.P. Instructions the day before Micah died:

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