October 15th - Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day (1)



Micah has taught me many things about life. I have learned to cherish every moment you can with the people that mean the most. I have learned that each day is never a promise; but a gift. Life is short.  So, capturing the special moments in life is what I enjoy the most.

This is my biggest hobby. The hobby that puts me in a happy place! I may not be able to take happy pictures of my Son, but I can snap a picture in time of his sisters and other families. The moment wont last forever, but the picture can be held onto for a lifetime!  

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Inspired By Micah

"Capturing a Moment in Time"

It's what makes me the happiest!



This site was created in memory of our son, Micah. Please do not take any ideas or images off this website. We work hard to make it a special tribute to our son.

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